Nutrition, you, me and our animals!

Dogs with improper nutrition can develop cancer, seizures and many other health issues just like humans.

My Miniature Schnauzers get the best dog food “Taste Of The Wild”, the best human grade vitamins supplement from

I also supplement my dogs with liquid bioavailable oxygen.

Look at our environment click here and you will understand why humans and animals deserve and need oxygen supplementation from O2 worldwide formulated by Dr. Krauss.

We at O2 Worldwide are improving health at a cellular level. O2 stabilized Oxygen, Lyophyllic third state minerals, and ph balanced.

I personally put 30 drops under my tongue, 3 drops in my ears, 2 in my ears and 3 in each sinus passage daily.

I now have reduced my high blood pressure pills by 5 and I have a nice blood pressure level of 115 over 62.

I have reduced my diabetic pills by 2 and my blood sugar readings are now 129.

My dry eyes disease feels so much better!!!

I reduced my water pills from 6 to 1 and now after 10 years of suffering from pitted edema, huge swelling of my legs,  my legs are now small normal legs with 0 pitted edema.

That is a miracle!

Thank you O2 drops!!! I also put the drops in my ears. We will soon see if I hear better.

Well, now I figure what is good for momma is good for my beautiful loving Miniature Schnauzers.

So all my guys and gals are getting o2 eyes, ears, and mouth. They now have good smelling ears and breath, no more stinky breath and ears.  And no more dripping eyes!!!

Go Schnauzers – Go O2 Worldwide Drops!!!