Why Vitamins & Trace Minerals

Why do we need 90 essential nutrients daily?
Dr. Joel Wallach

Dr. Joel Wallach DVM, ND

Why do we need 90 essential nutrients daily? Why do we feed our livestock with extra vitamins and minerals and we might not do that for ourselves?. Mighty 90 nutrients are needed for great health. I listened to Dr. Joel Wallach who was raised on a farm – where the animals all got vitamins and all the essential minerals. He later became a Veterinarian and then a ND where he treated human beings. In the following article you will read why we need 90 Essential Nutrients Daily. This is a summary of a lecture by Dr. Wallach with a few added personal statements.

Dr. Wallach said, “animals don’t have Health Insurance”, we must treat them with nutrition. Farmers have to keep their livestock healthy or they won’t be able to take them to market. If animals were treated in the Human Health Care System, we would be paying $275 a lb for beef.

Farmers prevent disease in their animals by treating them with good nutrition and all the Trace Minerals that will keep them healthy.

In Veterinary School Dr. Wallach confirmed what he learned on the farm.

Vitamins and minerals are given to animals to treat disease.